BULL AND BUDDHA (2011-2013)

Jacob Frydman finally brings his family (step son Alex Libin) and their friends into his world of scams and deceipt. Frydman convinces his step son to “run” his resturant and night club business that will become a national chain and most succesful hospitality brand.

Well Well…..

It ended real quickly. All are screwed. This time Jacob Frydman had his wifes Monica Libin Frydman’s name all over it. Her fingerprints were left at the crime scene.

(Monnica Frydman’s likely in an unfortunate battered woman syndrom relationship)

Battered women stay in these dangerous relationships for a variety of reasons including:

  • still being positively reinforced by the “honeymoon” phase of the battering cycle

  • economic dependence upon the batterer

  • belief that they can keep the peace

  • fear of danger if she were to leave

  • threats made by the batterer to hurt her or her children if she left

  • loss of self-esteem

  • depression or loss of psychological energy necessary to leave