Jacob Frydman, the CEO

As a sophisticated Con ArtistJacob Frydman uses a complex method to defraud
companies, scam attorneys, beat the government, hurt his employees,
abuse woman and simply destroy the most common individual, and everyone in
his path


Jacob Frydman the CEO of United Realty Trust, and Chairman of Cabot Lodge Securities incorporates a highly sophisticated method of fraud by using a corporate shell game and legal loopholes.

In doing so Frydman has built a huge Twenty Million Dollar home, collected dozens of expensive cars, watches, and art, leads a lavish lifestyle, all with the stolen money of others.


Every three to six years Jacob Frydman begins a “new” chapter in his life. Jacob Frydman historically starts a “new corporate brand” and uses it as his shield from the unsuspecting public.

Generally Jacob Frydman pays some money to an unsuspecting party and then has work done for him until that party demands payment. At such time Jacob Frydman sues or threatens to sue the party and tries to negotiate a settlement so as to defraud the unsuspecting party.


This site will be updated with details of the scams that Jacob Frydman the CEO of United Realty Trust has pulled off. Included will be the ways Jacob Frydman defrauds the common individual, corporation, banks and his own attorneys.

Leading accounting firms, investment banks, global law firms and consultants have all been deceived by Frydman.

Finally, the true nature of the Con man, Jacob Frydman – “the Fraudman” is revealed.


It’s a simple way to describe a complex situation, and criminals like Jacob Frydman approach it from multiple angles. Buying real estate in the U.S. has been the preferred method for Frydman to con millions of dollars from investors. That may sound impossible, but in order to profit from illicit money, it has to be circulated somehow.

A web of companies and complex structure, is used in the hundreds of lawsuits Jacob Frydman is a party to.

A judge recently found that “most of the corporation are useless and have been simply created for Jacob Frydman to hide behind”.


As a former attorney Jacob Frydman was run out of Cleveland Ohio and had to leave in a hurry. After defrauding many banks, his partners and clients in the small town it was too difficult to continue the practice of deception.

Jacob Frydman went on to the New York metropolitan area. Trailing behind him Jacob Frydman has left many bankruptcies and major failures in states including Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and other parts of the country.

Jacob Frydman currently is be based out of New York City.


Historically Frydman found a third party to become his partner and uses their resources, connections, and capital to inject money into his “new corporate scheme”.

Such partners and practices have provided Frydman the cover and resources to meet his ultimate objectives of fraud, deception, manipulation and abuse.

With the help of legal research, a private investigator, the IRS,  FINRA, SEC and interviews of many of Jacob Frydman victims, you can now see the truth.